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Kentucky Announces [Hip Hop Day] as it’s Newest Holiday!"

Kentucky HipHop Day, founded by Sensei Nowa, a Universal Music Group / Ingrooves apprentice, and Senator Gerald Neal, in collaboration with co-founder and Louisville activist Renee Unique, marked a historic milestone for HipHop culture in Kentucky. The event was held at the Kentucky State Capitol, and attendees included legendary Kentucky HipHop artists, producers and Djs like Nappy Roots, Christopher Forehand, Ky Engineering and others. Citations were awarded to these individuals in recognition of their contributions to advancing HipHop culture in the state.

Sensei Nowa is a remarkable individual who is making significant strides in empowering black people through his work in advancing HipHop culture in Kentucky. The HipHop Fraternity, under his leadership, is providing a platform for HipHop artists to showcase their talents and collaborate with others.

Senator Gerald Neal played a crucial role in establishing Kentucky HipHop Day, recognizing the importance of celebrating and honoring the contributions of HipHop culture to the state. Through his efforts, HipHop culture in Kentucky is gaining the recognition and respect it deserves.

Renee Unique, one of Louisville's most prominent activists, also played a significant role in advancing HipHop culture in the state. She sits on the HipHop Fraternity board and advocates for social justice and equality, aligning with the values of HipHop culture.

Nappy Roots And HHF KY, VP Barry Cobb

Through their music and work, they have inspired and empowered a new generation of HipHop artists in Kentucky. Kentucky HipHop Day marked a significant milestone in the advancement and recognition of HipHop culture in the state.

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