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Hip-Hop Icon KRS One Joins The HipHop Fraternity – A Weekend to be Remembered for the Culture!

This past weekend has been monumental for the HipHop culture. Not only did Deon Sanders have A-list celebrities on the sidelines like the Rock, Migos rapper Offset, and Lil Wayne while winning his third game as head coach at Colorado, but the real news came from the legendary rapper KRS One. A video surfaced online this morning of KRS One talking about joining The HipHop Fraternity and opening up the HipHop temple to its members.

For those who may not be familiar, KRS-One is a pioneer of HipHop culture. He is regarded as one of the greatest MC's of all time and has been active in the music industry since the 1980s. His music has always been an inspiration to the HipHop community and he has been a vocal advocate for HipHop culture and its preservation.

KRS One's decision to join The HipHop Fraternity is a huge win for the organization and its members. The HipHop fraternity is a nationwide organization that provides resources and opportunities for those within the HipHop community. With KRS One now a member, the organization gains access to his vast knowledge and experience in the industry.

Moreover, the opening of the HipHop temple to members will provide a space for HipHop enthusiasts to come together and celebrate the culture. The temple will serve as a hub for events, workshops, and performances that will bring the community together and continue to grow the HipHop culture.

The HipHop fraternity has already grown to over 5000 members in 40 different states. With KRS One on board, it is sure to continue to grow and thrive. This weekend has proven to be a huge win for the HipHop culture, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for the HipHop fraternity and the HipHop temple.

Krs One says It's free to Join The HipHop Fraternity. You can follow his social media and join HHF with the links below.

Follow KRS ONE's Instagram:

Join the HipHop Fraternity:

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