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What do you know about Kasian B?

Kasian B, also known as @Killa.Kb, is a

talented rapper, designer, stylist, and clothing brand owner from Southwest Detroit/Ecorse. She was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and has always had a passion for music and dancing. Watching legends like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Missy Elliott inspired him to pursue a career in music.

Kasian B is not only a rapper, but she is also a skilled writer and collaborator with other mainstream artists. His music is known for its unique blend of rap, hip-hop, and R&B, which has gained her a solid fan base. As a huge fan of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, Kasian B has written a single called "Mamba Mentality - Leg Work," which is a tribute to the player's work ethic. The song is about striving for excellence and putting in the necessary work to achieve greatness.

Kasian B's music has been gaining traction, with her single "Oh YoPp" being reposted by DMX and Jadakiss. her dream collaboration would be with Missy Elliott or Jay Z, which would undoubtedly take his music to the next level.

Aside from music, Kasian B is also a notable designer, stylist, and the owner of the clothing brand "Oh YoPp." She has a keen eye for fashion and has even styled some of his music videos himself.

Overall, Kasian B is a talented artist with a Killa mindset and a passion for creating music that inspires and motivates others. You can check out her latest single, "Mamba Mentality - Leg Work," which is now available on various streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and YouTube.

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