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Updated: Jul 14

Cincinnati artist Nue Blanco has made significant strides in her music career, recently signing with Virgin Music Group, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. This achievement was facilitated by the talented executive YaYa Davis Kenyatta Davis, also known as YaYa. As an A&R for Universal Music Group, YaYa collaborates with InGrooves and Virgin Music.

Kenyatta Davis brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in music business from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, she serves as a legal advisor to musicians and artists. Her focus is on safeguarding their interests across various aspects of the music industry. Kenyatta's expertise extends to reviewing record contracts, trademarks, copyright matters, publishing, and other legal documentation.

Notably, Kenyatta is the founder of Protect Artists Entertainment, an organization dedicated to helping artists achieve success while ensuring their rights are protected. Her track record includes guiding artists to success without any dissatisfied clients. She has played a pivotal role in Glorilla's journey, taking them from an early following of 4,000 to sparking bidding wars within two years. Additionally, YaYa assisted Yung Bleu with his hit song "Slide Thru" and helped Jamie Ray secure a deal with Epic Records.

Furthermore, YaYa has coordinated events for renowned artists such as Bruno Mars, Summer Walker, 21 Savage, and Young Jeezy. Nue Blanco's signing represents one of three recent artist acquisitions in the tristate area under YaYa's leadership.

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