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Artist Spotlight: Will B Fin3

In the sprawling world of music, where countless artists seek recognition, Will B Fin3 emerges as a distinctive voice hailing from the streets of Cincinnati. With a fusion of genres that includes hip-hop, alternative, and rock, Will B Fin3 captivates listeners with his raw lyrics and infectious melodies. Through his musical journey, he transcends the challenges of his hometown, showcasing resilience and a determination to break free from the ordinary. In this artist spotlight, we delve into the life, influences, and creative process of Will B Fin3, as he continues to carve a unique path in the industry.

Born in Portsmouth, Ohio, and raised in the vibrant city of Cincinnati, Will B Fin3's music is deeply influenced by the dog-eat-dog atmosphere that permeates his hometown. Cincinnati, with its tight-knit community and thriving music scene, serves as the backdrop for his journey. Despite the egos that often engulf the city, Will B Fin3 sets himself apart by humbly admitting his mistakes, embracing vulnerability, and rising above the negative energy. His music reflects the dichotomy of a place known for draining its inhabitants but also providing the opportunity for personal growth and resilience.

Will B Fin3's passion for music was ignited at the young age of 13 when he first discovered the captivating sounds of Eminem, Mac Miller, and Proof. These artists, along with his love for rock, inspired him to delve deeper into the world of music. At the age of 12, Will B Fin3 began his musical journey, initially drawn to the legendary album "Curtain Call" by Eminem. As he witnessed the possibilities within reach through local artists like Ronnie G and YBASOD, he found the motivation to pursue a music career.

Will B Fin3's musical style spans multiple genres, showcasing his versatility as an artist. With influences from hip-hop, alternative, and rock, he crafts a unique sound that resonates with audiences. His ability to seamlessly blend these genres creates a captivating sonic experience, distinguishing him from the crowd.

Throughout his career, Will B Fin3 has achieved several notable milestones. From opening for Wiz Khalifa, an eye-opening experience that solidified his dreams, to amassing 1.5 million streams across various platforms, he continues to make waves within the industry. His collaboration with Cameron Airborne and a sold-out performance at PowerBank Arena with TeamQ further demonstrate his growing impact.

Will B Fin3's songwriting process is an intense and consistent endeavor. His dedication to his craft is evident through his constant presence with pen and paper. Additionally, his mastery of guitar and keyboard enhances his creative process, helping him develop a strong sense of timing and rhythm.

In his songs, Will B Fin3 explores themes of resilience, self-discovery, and the beauty found within painful experiences. His music serves as a platform for listeners to connect with his journey and find solace in the shared struggles of life. Through his lyrics, he encourages his audience to stand together and face challenges head-on.

Will B Fin3's love for live performances is undeniable. Having taken the stage more than a hundred times, he thrives in the energy and connection with the audience. For him, the ability to shape his success lies within his own hands, a testament to his unwavering commitment to his craft.

Will B Fin3 draws inspiration from a variety of artists, both past and present. From the impact of Eminem's "Curtain Call" album to the local sounds of Ronnie G's "Overload," his influences have shaped his artistic direction and motivated him to push boundaries.

As an artist, Will B Fin3 aims to leave a legacy of breaking barriers and defying expectations. His mission is to inspire others, showing that even an average Joe can pursue their dreams and achieve success. Through his music, he hopes to connect with listeners, providing them with a sense of relatability and a reminder that they are not alone in life's challenges.

Will B Fin3's music echoes authenticity and resilience, representing the spirit of Cincinnati while breaking new ground within the music industry. With his distinctive blend of genres, raw lyrics, and electrifying live performances, he continues to captivate audiences and inspire listeners with his unwavering determination. Will B Fin3's journey is a testament to the power of music to transcend circumstances and ignite the soul.

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