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"The Power of Music & Art" by DatDiamond YouDesire©️ March 25, 2022

Whether we choose to believe it or not, music and art has a way of drawing us in. Something as simple as the ringing of a bell or as engaging as a symphony orchestrated with over a hundred instruments, can spark some kind of reaction out of us, whether it's good or bad.

The movement of a pen as you trace the outline of a circle onto a piece of paper or the strokes of a paintbrush that delivers your most elaborate message onto a canvas, will tell the silent stories imagined by others.

Throughout centuries, music and art has been a way to tell stories untold by those who have long left the land. Hieroglyphics, pyramids, architecture and the rhythm within our hearts and down in our souls, are just a few ways that we know that music and art are powerful.

Imagine, if you would, how hard it would have been to communicate with someone who couldn't speak your language or even hear your voice. It may get frustrating and a lot of misunderstandings would occur.

Through music and art, we are able to communicate a story or even a feeling to others. That bass drop in your favorite rap song or hook fluently flowing after each verse could be just what you need after a long and frustrating day. Taking some much needed time to take out your frustrations onto a canvas or creating some creative trinkets or crafts to calm you down, are more examples of how powerful music and art can be.

The next time you hear a song or see some kind of painting or artistic artifact, think about how it makes you feel. You never know, that work of art just might hold the power to bring out your inner musician or artist.

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