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#ShortNoticeShowcase People's Choice

Updated: May 4, 2022

The COMPETITION IS NOT OVER YET!!! In Partnership with AMillion Magazine, we have one more prize to giveaway and its all on the Support System of each individual Act. Vote for your favorite act to receive a #FREEINTERVIEW from #AMillionMagazine!! You can also vote by engaging with the corresponding Social Media Posts from each artist. Voting is open until our next Showcase. Lets #GETBUSY!!!

Urban Youth Co. HK Neeko & HK Rhio

GlockBois GlockBoi Ace, GlockBoi Loko, GlockBoi Wop

w/ Mally G Hefner

Now that you've seen the entries ITS TIME TO VOTE!!! Visit this link to cast your VOTE NOW!!

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