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"[Sensei Nowa]: How a Local Music Mogul is Changing the Local Music Scene"

Hailing from Kentucky, Sensei Nowa has quickly become an influential and powerful force in the hip-hop industry. A music mogul and CEO of the influential hip-hop Fraternity, Nowa is setting his sights higher than ever before and bringing resources to the Cincinnati music scene that has long been regarded as a cultural wasteland.

Since 2017, Nowa has been heavily involved in the hip-hop culture and quickly rose to prominence as a multi-faceted music and entertainment entrepreneur. His business acumen has given him the ability to cultivate relationships with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business. Through Nowa’s influence and business savvy, his Chapter of the HipHop Fraternity is now providing resources and opportunity to local independent artists, giving them a platform to take their talent to the next level.

Sensei is a prime example of someone who refuses to be held back by his environment and continues to strategically use his influence to make an impact in the music industry. As someone with a highly respected and revered reputation, Nowa is an embodiment of the hip-hop culture and has a powerful message. According to his own ethos “Be The Best Version Of Yourself, And You'll Inspire Others To Do The Same.”

In addition to his business success, Nowa has been named as one of the top artist in the region by several publications and is a beacon of hope for the youth in the Tri-State area. He has also provided a source of information, support and resources to aspiring musicians, providing them with access to a world of opportunity. From launching virtual record labels to taking the necessary steps to make their records profitable, Sensei Nowa and his team are working diligently to ensure that the Tri-State Network has the support for those who dare to dream gets the recognition it deserves.

You can follow up with Sensei Here

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