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Hustlin' From Cincinnati: Lady Devine's Wave Is Major

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Yo, check this out: If you ain't heard of Kimberly Hudson, better known to the digital streets as Lady Devine, you're missing out. This Cincinnati queen got the Gram buzzing with over 117k peeps vibing with her at @devinelux.

In a world where being authentic's kinda rare, Lady Devine ain't just talk. She birthed Devine Lux Clothing and Apparel smack in the middle of that crazy pandemic. Ain't no global madness stopping her from serving us that fresh and fiery drip online.

With a mantra like "Dare To Be Different," Lady D's all about self-love. She knows every goddess out here should rock her glow, and man, in just a year, she's been movin' and shakin'.

From the get-go with Devine Lux, the empire's only grown. Lady's got a women's center, a makeup line that pops, skincare that's bomb, wine that you need in your life, scents that turn heads, and even got the fellas covered with that beard oil.

And if you're thinking that's all - nah! Ever heard of 'lipo in a jar'? Yeah, that's her. Plus, those face creams that make you feel years younger, scrubs that wake up your skin, scalp therapy, and leave-in conditioners that got your hair saying thank you.

But wait, there's more! Every Wednesday, 7 pm sharp, tune into 'The Lady Devine Show' on Busy1 Radio. Your midweek just got lit.

And Lady D's grind doesn’t stop. She's the powerhouse behind '4 da Luv Of Paris,' putting Dohn School on the map as the new spot for Busy1 Radio. With a master's degree and her heart in the right place, she also manages five group homes, helping those who need it most.

Life threw punches at her, no doubt. She's faced the darkness of domestic violence, battled health issues, and still came out swingin'. Lady D is living proof that your past or problems don't define you; your dreams do.

Slide through to Devine Lux Clothing and Apparel at 800 Compton Road Unit 17, Cincinnati, or hop online to If you're trying to link up, hit her at 513.480.9200 or shoot a mail at


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