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Coke Products

Your friendly nationwide Coke Dealer is back at it again with a new track featuring production from Yeezy and 88-Keyz!!

Diet Coke sounds like nice wholesome Old School Gangsta Rap from what I'd call the Bronze age of Rap....the 2000's.

That era birthed talents like Kanye, Pharrell, Pusha T (of Clipse), 50 Cent, Ludacris, Nelly and a flurry of other artists who are still actively EATING today. It was the first era of consistent legends who maintain Pop Culture relevance.

I'd accredit this to Artist(s) getting more control of their music. EVERYBODY had their own label then, and now EVERYBODY has their career in tact, more or less. That on top of the increase of Hip Hop acceptance in places where it was once shunned; really helped Hip Hop/Rap become not only a mainstay in Pop Culture, but THEE creator of it. It's beautiful to see because a new ground is breaking every day, and growth = life.

"Today's price is not yesterday's price." - Joey Crack

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