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The Litty Committee

The Litty Committee, a Shadow Village Production, is a Culture Talk Show that is meant to be elementally balanced by each co-hosts Astrological Sun Sign.

Tune in to the Litty Committee on Saturdays 6-8p

Lord Ac3

Lady Elle | (Virgo - Earth) 

Lady Elle is from Charleston, SC. She's loud, wild, and real. Always a recipient of the "very talkative" comment her report cards, she decided to use her gift of gab. As a lover of music, Hip hop is her first love. Reminiscing on early morning car rides to the bus stop, memories of the Tom Joyner Morning Show built her belief that Radio is well within her skillset.

After graduating from the Ohio Media School, she jumped into her radio career with CincyUnderground while also building a modeling career.

Fraedo DaVinci

Lord Ac3 | (Cancer - Water) 

Lord Ac3 is the Owner and CEO of Shadow Village Productions and considered a leader within the B1E Team. Hailing from Lincoln Heights, Oh, he plans to become the biggest thing out of Lincoln Heights since The Isley Brothers and Nikki Giovanni. 

He also creates music as ADDVantz and operates as a Multimedia Solutions Consultant and Contractor to produce video content for/with his production company and its clientele.

Lady Elle

Fraedo DaVinci | (Libra - Air) 

Fraedo DaVinci is from Florence, KY. He's quiet, non-chalant, and and a figment of your imagination. After he finished being 11, he turned 13 because does not f*ck with 12. Essentially, he's ghost and you've never seen him. And you probably never will. JUICE WAYNE EVERYBODY!!



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